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Commitee and missions of TC Chevreuse

TC Chevreuse is run by a management commitee made up of volunteers from the club, who are re-elected each year at the AGM. This committee is divided into commissions, each with clearly defined responsibilities to ensure the smooth running of the club.

Finance, Legal and Grants Committee

The Finance, Legal and Grants Committee is responsible for the financial management of the club. It ensures that the club has the resources it needs to operate and prosper. The committee also works to ensure that the club complies with all applicable regulations. In addition, it works to secure essential grants to support the club's initiatives.


Marketing, Communication, Partnerships and Events Committee 

The Marketing, Communications, Partnerships and Events Committee is responsible for promoting the club to the general public and its members. It implements communication and marketing initiatives to raise awareness of the club and its activities. She also works to develop partnerships with compani
es and associations to raise the club's profile. Finally, it organises events for members to promote conviviality and cohesion within the club.


Works Committee, Eco-responsible & Societal Approaches

The Works Committee is committed to keeping our facilities in top condition, so that our members can make the most of their experience on the pitch. It also works to implement eco-responsible and socially responsible initiatives, with the aim of preserving our environment and making a positive contribution to society.


Women's Tennis Committee

The Women's Tennis Committee is committed to promoting women's tennis within the club. It organises activities and events specifically designed for women, to encourage them to take up the sport and to create a welcoming environment for all.

Competitions, Teams & Tournaments Committee

The Competitions, Teams & Tournaments Committee is responsible for organising and managing all the club's competitions and tournaments. It ensures that matches run smoothly and that teams take part in championships.

If you have any enquiries about the club, please contact one of the committee members at

TC Chevreuse Management commitee
Composition of the Bureau of TC Chevreuse. 14 people
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