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Mini-Tennis School

Mini-Tennis : Les Lutins (5-8 years)

TC Chevreuse offers children aged 5 to 8 a fun, adapted learning program: the "Lutins" mini-tennis school..

The main aim is to introduce youngsters to tennis in a fun, stimulating environment.


Through games and activities, children learn :

Ball trajectory

position in space

Movement coordination

Tennis basics


The mini-tennis school is designed to support children as they progress. The teaching program is adapted to their age and level, and enables them to develop their technical and physical skills.


Because tennis is a sport to be shared, TC Chevreuse offers a special package for Lutins families.

The "Lutins Parents" membership entitles parents to play on the outdoor courts all year round (except 1pm-5pm Saturday/Sunday).


For insurance reasons, participation in the mini-tennis school requires a tennis license.


Ecole Mini-Tennis "Les Lutins"
Ecole Mini-Tennis
Ecole Mini-Tennis "Les Lutins"
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